Holy places

After many years of studying all the major religious texts, we have come to the realisation that all religions are a mixture of spirituality and science. Within those texts is also the reason we are still struggling, and why we are on the dark side of life after so many years. There are also solutions within these texts, and we aim to bring a healthy balance for the better living of open-minded people while promoting spiritual wellness, mindfulness and self-discovery. With the aid of these spirituality audiobooks, together we can reduce suffering and find positive affirmation.


The Egyptian Pyramids

As the only one of the classical Seven Wonders of the World still remaining, the Pyramids have a vast cultural significance as one of the seats of meaningful civilization  more  

Afghanistan – The Buddhas of Bamyan

These iconic statues were built sometime around 600AD, and were destroyed by dynamite in 2001.   more  

India - Brihadisvara Temple

Built around 1000 years ago, this Hindi Temple is one of the foremost sites of positive energy in India.  more  

Sri Lanka - Sigiriya Rock

This ancient rock fortress has been a site of civilization for millennia, and is one of the great spiritual wonders of the world.   more  


These stones are one of Britain’s most famous monuments, and is thought to be a hub of prehistoric activity from 8000BC.   more  


These stones are thought to have been arranged around 4000 years ago, and may have originally been part of a larger stone circle.  more  

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