Afghanistan – The Buddhas of Bamyan

These iconic statues were built sometime around 600AD and were destroyed by dynamite in 2001. The carved holes in the cliffs, where they used to stand still, remain and are occasionally open to tourists and are a popular cultural landmark. While the statues are gone, their energy and the energy of the site itself are still present and tangible and give great benefit to wellbeing. 

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But the reality is all these dates are incorrect because we do not have the correct information and date. When it started, Bell did. We do not have any. Prove the comment due to so many words has destroyed all the reality comments but in terms of—the energy field. Balmyan was one of the advanced cities. A thousand years ago, people used to hear the voice of the universe through the Bamiyan Buddha. Dragon Vale. Off by me and. Because we have a fire there on the goal a city. And. There is a magnet-filled energy field. A pure connection to the universe could produce electricity in Balmain, and an Internet connection through the universe requires humans to destroy everything. Balmain was the first time when the Sri Lankan attacked in Afghanistan. Destroyed Afghanistan, Buddha II thing, Islam and then. Changis Khan wars. So they destroyed everything. We're just confused. What exactly does that re-boot of balmy mean, and is a tree sign of human power? It means humans connect to the universe through three points—the heart. The brain's right side, The brain's left side in terms of energy, positive, natural, and negative. So that's why it shows the power of the size of the Buddhas. Three different Buddhas.

In the past, archaeologists have written about the Bamiyan temples in Afghanistan, and there are many stories from the construction to settlement and destruction. Still, when it comes to the destruction of Bamiyan, there is an unfortunate pain that affects the hearts of millions of people around the world. it does. However, my personal opinion is that the collapse of the idols, not only in Bamiyan but in all of Afghanistan, which has large and ancient idols all over Afghanistan, shows that over the past thousands of years, they have been destroyed, and now Only a few signposts remain. Gold, copper, magnetism, fire energy of nature, water and wind, magnet, and all types of power are used to communicate with humans and the universe. In this way, the idols of Afghanistan were not only for the worship of the Buddhist religion, but the city of Bamiyan had several electronic, magnetic fields that included the connection between humans and the universe. Among them, the city of Gholgholah, Dragon Valley, Bamiyan idols, mountain cave and Amir Band, and other pilgrimage sites were built there. Today, they have all been destroyed, and we have cut off communication with the universe. The Torpedo Valley exploded more than a thousand years ago due to the sound wave sent by the universe, and now people know nothing more than false stories. The people of Afghanistan should not forget that the only way to rebuild these cities is to respect the international community and respect other religions and until. 

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