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After many years of studying all the major religious texts, we have come to the realisation that all religions are a mixture of spirituality and science. Within those texts is also the reason we are still struggling, and why we are on the dark side of life after so many years. There are also solutions within these texts, and we aim to bring a healthy balance for the better living of open-minded people while promoting spiritual wellness, mindfulness and self-discovery. With the aid of these spirituality audiobooks, together we can reduce suffering and find positive affirmation.


These audiobooks give you the chance to find out the secrets of the universe, and how to rebalance your energy levels.

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About the Seven Universes

These audiobooks are meant as a guide for meditation and wellbeing, for connecting with places of positive energy, and for helping you find the answers. You can find the key to finding the right energy balance and discovering the path of understanding, unity and harmony that interweaves the disciplines of science. Discover secrets that have been hidden for many years – have a browse through the store here to find spirituality audiobooks that can help you reconnect and find the right balance between positive and negative energy.

We welcome every religion and respect everyone.

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See the planet through new eyes

In these spirituality audiobooks, you will find insights into our home planet, and learn about many locations of positive energy, including holy places and ancient monuments. Many of these locations have a unique positive energy, which can help us restore balance and harmony in our lives, where negative energy is very frequently dominant.

Learn more about the hidden secrets of this planet and our universe here.

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Numerical numbers 3-6-9

This number sequence is hugely significant in spiritual circles and across a wide range of religious texts as well as human daily life. It represents healing and restoration, and holds a great many mathematical and spiritual secrets. The spirituality audiobooks here give you a great insight into the 3-6-9 theory, as contemplated by Nicola Tesla and other great minds, which is thought to be the Key to unlocking the universe. In these interdisciplinary audiobooks, you too can discover universal truths and lost wisdom.

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How The Seven Universes can help you

These texts are intended to help a wide range of people bring peace into their lives. Whether you are having family problems, trouble finding a partner, or finding purpose in your life, these audiobooks can help you, and enable you to have a better understanding of energies in your body.


Why buy eBooks from The Seven Universes?

Within these audiobooks is the Answer to the universal key, which is essential for improved quality of life. This includes the answer to Nicola Tesla's 369 theory, and many other fundamental truths:

 How our bodies
are connected
to the stars
 How we are
disconnected from
the universe
 How to go about connecting the physical body to the spiritual body and the universe itself
 How laws of
attraction work
 Why mathematics, even & odd numbers, affect our lives
  Locations of positive energy and holy sites

Together in these spirituality audiobooks we can explore the secrets of the universe together and find new insight into the problems and solutions for our own lives, and those of humanity.

Have a browse through the online store for audiobooks, or learn more about the universe's secrets in more detail here. 

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Seven Universes

The ethos of The Seven Universes is to work with people from all seven continents and all religions in a respectful and friendly manner, whether it is with scientists, intellectuals, teachers, poets, or religious scholars. The company considers equal rights and respect for women, men, children, animals, and plants so that we can be a good family on this earth. We should have a good city, a good country, and finally, a suitable planet responsive to the people so that future generations can start their journey in safety and prosperity under the shadow of love and determination.

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Are you ready to decode the cosmic codes hidden in the earth for 6000 years? Are we on the dark side of life? The universe is waiting.

Find the spirituality audiobooks and meditative guides you are looking for here 

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