The first could be a more than thousands-year-go, a shepherd man or woman. With Whatever tool they may have had. Pierced this stone for them or themselves for fun to pass through the hole with one to spend their day or any other fun with their sheep. And the healing story is just propaganda, which I disagree with. It's only because this place has thousands of years of history. Even though we do not know the real name, we are known as MAN-AN-TOL.


The second, there is a magnetic field and a triangle. Between three rocks, one. It is a healing place. There is a low-power magnet field for the reason of the magnetic field. The human body. It is a piece of an atomic electron, Iron, magnet, etc., so there is Spiritual Wisdom. For us, When we walk through the stone hole seven or nine times.


We get healing and pass accurately. We have soil and physical bodies. We can see the physical body, but we feel the ground from the universe. And that's why we have 16 registered religions. With a different belief on perception. And the same story. Muslims. Walking around Mecca. And the name of God House. There are three stones. They're walking seven times around Mecca.


Walk through the Safa and Marwaha stones. seven times


Humans were walking, returning from Safa to Marwaha from Marwaha to Safa, located on the slopes of Abu Qabis Mountain. It's meaning in the word of hard stones facing each other at about 395 meters on the eastern masjid al-haram in the city of Makah in Saudi Arabia. Again, there is a magnetic field and a triangle. Between three rocks


 We were walking, including 14 times together. So, it's better to we look at it. Men-an-tol. With full respect. And I do have respect for this place. It is a healing place, and I believe this place. In terms of. My. Discovery. And mathematical philosophy. Science and Spirituality. It's not too far away from reality. It's only the theories, in my Opinion. Nothing else. There is no comparison. And I fully respect other Scientists and their religious beliefs and Opinions.


The third one. It is the length of a human's lifetime circulation. In Hinduism and Buddhism. Judaism. Muslim Christianity and others who believe. There is a life after death. What is my belief? We belong to this planet Earth. And we are dying, and we come back to this planet Earth. From one life to another life, we need Measurement. From one rock to another, rock. From life to death and from death to life. It is just an example In terms of universe speed. We need to count the planet Earth's rate in the solar system. Per second. As I believe. 6 million. Per second. And. 1 mm. is equal per second. Then, we will get how many years humans can live. An. When will they die? After how long are we coming back to life? It may go. 8000 years. 9000 years. Less or more, it depends. But we still need proper measurements. This stone is an example of this. Lifetime. Date after life. I have never been there, and I don't know the exact measure of it. Between rocks, but in terms of. Philosophy of mathematical science and spirituality. It is a healing place, and it is highly possible we can discover the length of life of humans on Earth due to its removal from the original site. And we do not have any D comment for that. So, I'm still determining. In terms of measurement. And size. But it is possible. 2. Getting a minimum of some formation from these rocks is for Second Life. And. The round hole stone is. Measurement of. Black hole because we must cross the black hole to go to paradise or, like another star, when they are dying, they are going to the black hole. And there is a return, back to life. So we are a piece of those stars or? Solar system or Galaxy or universe is? We're all together, dying and coming back to life. So there are two holes, one black hole and one could be. Blue or white? We're still being discovered. So, there's a true life after death. We are way behind the technology.


We can get information about the black hole from these stones. I'm not talking about that black hole in the Milky Way. We have millions of—black holes in other galaxies. Each Galaxy does have one black hole. But. There is Maine, one in Our universe, which is connected to another universe. Due to. Black hole or? There are several types of gases. Transmission to the electron. And from there. Life is coming. And spirituality. So we are. A very tiny piece of this sort of gas is an electron. We need to find out the actual age of it.


It's just Theory. Because in many religions, they believe in the second life. And what we see is not far from reality, but unfortunately, due to the during those years. It is more than a thousand years old. Now, we have lost so much other evidence from this area. It's highly possible to have more stones and—More triangles. So the rest is destroyed or disappeared if we achieve anything. It must be two points, negative and positive, because the universe and human beings are all of the planet's existence. It is built by negative and positive energies. As a religion, humans believe it is a God or Satan. And that is the reason. It is a healing place. If we do it seven times, it is highly possible. But it could be nine times. But the proper measurement. To identify the rail. Story then, for sure, it is working. The human body's healing progress. It is in terms of spirituality. And whatever food we get, we get energy. So we. We are transmitting power to—positive energy and negative, negative to positive and neutral also. On planet Earth is between. Those types of energy. In the solar system. Also, the Moon and Sun are involved in this energy, positive and negative energies. So without that, we cannot survive. And that's why people are getting healing there. And if they want to have a baby, it is highly possible. But it has to be we believe 100% because whatever we do is on the turn before thinking. The belief is spiritual in its work. If we believe anything 100% and want anything 100%, it will come into our lives 100% of the time. But we don't know the time. So we have to wait and be patient with it, and it will work, and it is. This is the law of attraction, or the law asked and given in Christianity. Or in terms of other religions. And we may have many more—this sort of stone crossed five continents. We can find so many triangles. Also, life is the circulation, but it has different times and differences.


As An example is water when it rains, circulation is the same —human life. Of other animals, life is diverse, and the age of the planet hurt is different, but we can find or identify between them—many thanks for your reading. I hope you have a great day, and I love you all. Plus, I respect all religions, scientists, etc. It is only mine. Theory and opinion. Nothing else. And everyone has the right to say something about their beliefs and perceptions. And as a human being, I'm one of them. Thank you. For your time you're reading this article.

Ahmad Tabish, manager director of the Seven Universes. Limited. Company.